Friday, September 16, 2011

Top 10 and Top 100 Hiking and Camping Blogs

I don't usually write quick and short posts, but thought that I would pass on this info I just came across today.

Two Heel Drive is one of those many outdoors blogs that I follow, and a couple of days ago the author posted his top 10 and top 100 hiking and camping blogs. He explains how he narrowed his 100 blogs down to 10, and why he feels that they are blogs worth reading.

Not sure if any of you are on Google Reader, but it is a GREAT way to subscribe to blogs instead of having to receive e-mails every time each blog is updated.

Check out the Top 10 blogs according to Two Heel Drive! There are other great resources on this website as well, including tips on starting a hiking blog (something I probably should have read before starting mine I'm sure...).

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