Sunday, March 13, 2011

Website Review:

I came across a couple of days ago, and have spent plenty of time on it already. Apparently it is a newer site, but has a huge database of information. Want to research a peak for a future hike? It's there. Want to "claim" a peak after having conquered it? Upload a photo, and add it to your list of completed hikes. Want to see a list of "baggers" who have climbed peaks in your area? A long directory is there for your use. All of these features are made possible by a user friendly website that is very cut and dry, and FREE! I have found websites like this before, but they required you to pay a yearly subscription in order to get "full" access.

After "claiming" the very few peaks I have "bagged," I realized that my list is quite small and pathetic. Mind you, this site is only for peaks, not for long trails or other achievements.  Due to the fact that it is focused on peaks alone, it makes it possible to get all the information you could possibly want about a peak. In addition, after you upload a photo of a peak, it is available for everyone else to see. To top it off, your homepage shows the last time you bagged a peak (a friendly reminder to motivate you to get out more), and shows a photo of the last peak you bagged on your home page (this will either be a photo you took, or a stock photo).

As you can see, I have very few peaks that I have bagged. I can't decide which is more embarrassing, the lack
of Peaks, or how many days it's been since the last one I summited...
This is a very cool, yet simple website. After seeing all the peaks some individuals have bagged (140 for one guy), it motivated me to want to go for more peaks - even though summit climbing is not my number one interest when it comes to backpacking.