Monday, May 28, 2012

Back On The Trail Again

This is what I get to study while driving home from work
Two months without a post??? Not sure what to say. Guess I could blame being busy wrapping up my Masters of Social Work program, or the fact that my wife just gave birth to our second child two weeks ago, but the truth is that I have lost some focus on my own wellbeing to be honest. Being willing to sacrifice all of my leisure time to be with my family is not a bad thing, but while driving home this evening I realized that I temporarily lost the purpose for me even starting this blog - to remain well rounded and healthy while juggling my masters programs, full-time work, and spending quality time with my family.

It is easy to hyperfocus on the important things in life while forgetting that those "smaller" things can actually help one to be more efficacious with life's goals and values. Hiking is one of those things which help me to be a better person. Weird of me to say? I could, and just may, write a complete post about this one topic, but the short and sweet is this - by giving enough attention to all of my life's values, I am much more capable of achieving my goals (especially by being the father/husband/friend/son/brother that I want to be).

Amazing view of Squaw Peak from my backyard
Getting up in the mountains helps me to put things back into focus, so I better get up there! One of the reasons I love living in Utah is that I am within walking distance of four different trailheads, all of which lead up a different canyon and wrap around the mountains I look at whenever leaving my house or driving home. I honestly love this place! Some may bash on Utah for various reasons, but the truth is that wherever you live along the Wasatch Front (where roughly 80% of the population resides), you have an amazing view, and are within short driving distance to hike, fish, bike, or camp. It's a shame to live so close to so much and to not take advantage of it!

Just got done speaking to my wife about helping me set a hiking goal, and that was enough to get my blood pumping again, so I had to pound out a quick post. Have been planning on posting about survival stories I have read lately, and will also be posting about packing heat in the backcountry. After I finally get a couple of good hikes in then I will be able to give an accurate review on the weather-resistant camer I purchased for myself several months ago. Glad to be back!!!!